30.05.12 Park Ward Community First Notes

1.    Declarations of interest
2.    Review of role of Panel Members – all reminded of role requirements and need to promote programme within local area
3.    Update from other panels:
•    Information and ideas shared from recently attended workshop
4.    Application update
•    Park Ward Action Group – application for supporting the Centre which it was agreed was a valuable community resource
•    Grimsby Town Cricket Club – innovative theme of this was applauded
5.    Website – VANEL have developed a series of ward base community websites “inandaround” which promote community facilities; services; buildings; people; events etc. All were encouraged to look at this. VANEL also run Web Club sessions to train and empower local people to run, manage and populate these webpages
6.    Expenses: group made aware that they can claim an amount (3% of total fund) to cover this
7.    AOB:  nothing raised
8.    Next meeting: 11.06.12