24.10.12 Park Ward Community First Notes

1.    Declarations of Interest
2.    Confirmation of membership: everyone was asked to confirm their availability and commitment to the role of Panel membership
3.    Applications Update:
•    At time of meeting no new bids received, although promising interest shown by some groups
4.    Community Plan
•    This is required by CDF and needs to be formally in place by March 2013. A draft Plan will be subject to community consultation and signed off by the Panel by the end of  December
•    It provides general info about the ward and identifies local priorities against which the Panel assess submitted bids
•    Discussion over Neighbourhood Planning
5.    Workshop – planned for morning of Nov 10th to provide specific advice and support for interested parties
6.    Community Website – VANELs website in operation and is a very useful support to have as it includes information and updates on Community First
7.    Next Meeting: 18.01.13