PWAG Secretary

The Park Ward Litter Picker Pilot Scheme

Park Ward Action Group is run by volunteers and is the Forum for the whole of Park Ward, Grimsby.
After meetings, questionnaires, email surveys and ‘Planning for Real’ sessions; the residents put ‘Clearing dog poo and litter from our streets and parks’ as their main community priority. This view is supported strongly by the local NHW groups.

A successful application for funding enabled Park Ward Action Group on behalf of the residents asked Employability Services through their Supported Employment Team to recruit, train, mentor, supervise and support a team of people to do this work. These people were furthest from the labour market and had previously been in long term unemployment. This was because they suffered from multiple disadvantages such as mental health concerns, physical or learning difficulties, or because they needed basic literacy and numeracy support.

2013, in October and November a Park Ward Litter Picker Pilot Scheme began. One worker is trialling one route. He is working 4 hours for 4 days each week. His route is around Ainslie Park, Wintringham Road and up to Weelsby Road and across to Bargate.

If we can secure further funding the plan will be to add to the number of workers and cover the whole area of the Park Ward.

The plan: Park Ward has been divided into patches for each worker. Each patch is divided into daily routes. Each patch is covered once each week however crucial areas are cleared 2 or 3 times per week; for example; where there are through routes from the town centre to areas of high housing density.

Park Ward Action Group members are proud to do their bit to help people and in doing so feel that we are also helping ourselves. This street cleaning project aims to improve the general health of both old and young by securing a disease free and enjoyable environment. Residents say they are now feeling more optimistic. After the 8 week pilot scheme the area has improved environmentally. Mums allow their children to play in the parks confident that infection through dog faeces is no longer a huge concern. Glass and syringes are cleared. Large dumped objects are now instantly reported for clearance. Most people do not have cars and walk to town. This is now a pleasure rather than a ‘poo dodging’ exercise. This is a win-win situation. The lasting effect of this project is that the community is taking pride in their surroundings and realise that ‘possible’ is not just a vague theory.