Park Ward Action Group
Park Ward Action Group host Retro Sales on the first Wednesday of most months; 10.00 am – 2.00 pm. There’s a lot to see and buy plus there’s a café where you can relax or chat to friends. There’s also a free cuppa for everyone!
Besides the Retro Sale there’s the chance to look at the latest info about Grimsby and in particular Park Ward. On hand are the PCSOs, representatives of the local Neighbourhood Watch and your NELC Councillors. The relaxed atmosphere gives everyone an opportunity to talk 1:1 with someone who will get back to you with an answer to your problem or suggestion. Each month specialist groups are invited to have a stall to help you find up to date information on many subjects.
Park Ward Action Group use the day to find out what local people really want. We use surveys, petitions and interactive ‘Planning for Real’ methods to allow everyone to express themselves without the stress of a formal meeting.
When issues require a meeting, or when a member asks for a meeting we do arrange an evening event. Subjects such as the closure of Scartho Swimming baths and the proposal of GTFC Stadium in our area have been discussed using this kind of forum.
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