09.01.14 Park Ward Community First Notes

1.    Declarations of interest –
2.    Panel Membership/support –
•    3 members are leaving due to other work commitments – Sandra (chair); Ernie; and Angela
•    3 others have expressed interest in joining – Jo; Pat; and Paul. Eligibility for membership checked and approved. All 3 accepted onto Panel and Paul elected as chair
•    Thanks given to Jane from NELC for all support given from beginning of the Community First process
3.    St Augustine Community Centre – Brenda gave an update on this and the proposed lease
4.    Community First Funding Session – Brenda advised that date for this is Feb 6th, invites have been sent out to various groups in the community
5.    Applications – there were none to discuss
6.    AOB – no issues to discuss
7.    Next meeting – 07.02.14