about Match Funding

Any group or club can apply for a Community First grant. The maximum grant is £2500 per annum

Members must live in Park Ward.  If you are not sure about the area please look at the maps which are available here (or in the Local Plan).

Many funding applications ask for ‘Match Funding’.  This does not mean that cash is needed to match your request or bid for funds, although you can site donations or cash raised.

So what is Match Funding?

Match Funding usually refers to the input of volunteer hours to your organisation.

  • Example:   Use your list of those who attend your meetings.  Say you have 30 attenders in total. The meeting is 2 hours long.  Each hour is valued at £11.09.  In match funding terms you have just raised 30 x £11.09 = £332.70
  • Example:  Remember to record the other time you spend supporting your group.  Your committee will spend hours preparing bids, writing leaflets, organising events.  Your members will spend time delivering leaflets and collecting stuff for you tombola stalls etc.

All these activities can be used to calculate Match Funding.

If in any doubt, please contact the Community First Panel if you have questions that would affect your ability to apply for funding.

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