The Local Plan for Park Ward

PWlocalplanIMAGEA plan has been prepared in consultation with the community of Park Ward that reflects the needs and aspirations and requirements of the area.  The Local Plan is used by the Community First Panel to help shape support for the area and sets the scene for our local priorities which in turn drive the funding choices for Community First money.

The Plan can be accessed from here and if you are thinking of applying for Community First money please take a read of it so you can match your application to local needs.  Any comments or thoughts on the plan then please contact the Panel to let them know.

Please download it (as a .pdf) to view here *

* The plan is approx 2.5Mb in size
* if you need a pdf viewer try FoxIT reader or Adobe Reader

Download (PDF, 2.45MB)

Feel free to contact the Community First Panel if you have any comments or feedback on the plan.

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