Understanding Community First Funding

The Park ward is one of six wards in North East Lincolnshire which were confirmed as Community First areas eligible to draw down funding under a Neighbourhood Matched Fund programme. (The others are East Marsh, West Marsh, Freshney, Sidney Sussex and Yarborough).

Community First is an £80m government-funded initiative that has been running for four years, until March 2015. The programme will help communities come together to identify their strengths and local priorities in order to plan for their future and become more resilient. It will fund both new and existing community groups.

The Community First programme is managed by the Community Development Foundation and there is more basic information on their website here.

The Neighbourhood Matched Fund is where the money will come from to support our local ward. £30 Million is available to fund community projects in some of the most deprived areas of the country – Freshney counts as one of these! Local people will be encouraged to give time, expertise and resources towards the projects they identify in their areas. The government will match these pound for pound, helping to stimulate local action towards meeting community needs. More general information here.

We’re at the very early stages of using this money to make a difference in our area.


This programme uses government funding facilitated via the Community Development Foundation. Eligible wards in North East Lincolnshire include Park, East Marsh, West Marsh, Yarborough, and Sidney Sussex. The programme is a 4 year programme ending in March 2015, and is dependent on the principle that funding applications will be match funded.

Objectives of the programme are to:
• Support local projects that improve quality of life
• Promote a sense of ownership of both problems and local opportunities and resources
• Start more Neighbourhood Groups and revitalise existing groups
• Help neighbourhoods play a leading role in regenerating their area with a new approach to funding

The programme aims to result in:
• Communities being able to help themselves
• Neighbourhood groups better able to express their needs and influence decision about their community
• Neighbourhood Groups better able to take control of resources and hence make a difference

How the programme works
In each eligible ward Community priorities have been agreed and confirmed by the Community First Panel and only projects which address these priorities will be considered for funding.

Funding of Projects:
A total of £3400 funding is spread across the four year programme, with the following allocations: Year 1 £5624; Year 2 £8489; Year 3 £8488; Year 4 £11309. Applications are considered by the Community First Panel and if approved are forwarded to the Community Development Foundation, who will enter into a grant relationship with the applicant, who will be required to provide monitoring information on completion of the project. The project must meet the community needs identified as Community Priorities.

There are two ways in which projects can be funded

1. Local groups/ organisations can request funding- this is to be done via the electronic documents available on this website. Support will be given to help those in need of support
2. The panel can approach specific organisations or groups about delivering a project in the ward area.

Key questions to be considered when requesting funding for projects
• Does your project address one or more local priorities?
• Is the timetable for delivery achievable?
• Will it improve quality of life or opportunities for local people?
• Will it provide opportunities for local people to be involved in delivery?
• What benefits will result from the project?
• Is it value for money?

Who can receive Community First Funding
In order to receive funding the applicant must:
• be a not for profit organisation, third sector or community groups
• be connected with and / or meeting the needs of the community
• have a bank account with 2 signatories or nominate such an organisation to hold funds on its behalf.
• have a governing document which includes a minimum of name, aims, purpose and objectives, a dissolution clause and a list of committee members or trustees. (New groups are not required to have this but agree to develop one—local support to develop a governing document will be provided if necessary )
• Provide significant evidence of community participation through the groups matched element to the project.
• Show that the project is in line with the ward priorities

Examples of what can be funded
• Purchase of equipment
• Costs of a local event or workshop
• Training of volunteers
• Activities which support community activity
• Activities which support a community need
• Funding to support an organisation to meet a standard or quality relevant to their activities

Community First cannot fund:
• Statutory organisations.
• Arms length public sector organisations which are controlled wholly or in part by a Local Authority, a Primary Care Trust or agencies of such organisations.
• any party political activity
• any commercial ventures
• certain types of activities that support asylum seekers. Further information re this can be found at: http://www.ind.homeoffice.gov.uk

Match Funding

Groups funded by Community First Programme will have to demonstrate match funding, principally in volunteer time (which can be costed at £11.09 per hour) but can also include donated cash, goods and services.

How do you apply?

Applications will be made using a the form on this website.

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